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Subject: 12 STRONG: The Left is Upset (Again)
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Subject: 12 STRONG: The Left is Upset (Again)
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This guy has some serious issues to work through. His obvious issues 
with the military aside, he can't even stand that Hemsworth is 
good-looking. "Greviously handsome"? WTF?

Oh, and contrary to the writer's claim, Hemsworth's Marines did a lot 
more than decimate the Taliban forces. They annihilated them.


Peter Maass
January 27 2018

The Hollywood Reporter published a surprising story earlier this month 
about film studios turning away from movies about sex. A biopic about 
Hugh Hefner is stalled, gone for the moment is a James Franco film about 
a 15-year-old Russian prostitute, and a remake of A STAR IS BORN is 
being re-thought, too.

"As Hollywood begins to navigate the #MeToo landscape," Tatiana Siegel 
reported, "one of the first casualties appears to be big-screen erotica. 
In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, studios are steering clear 
of sex." Alyssa Rosenberg, writing in the Washington Post, hopes that 
Hollywood's embarrassed executives are navigating "the end of a very 
narrow way of thinking about what's alluring." Instead of movies that 
objectify women, she suggests more films that portray sex and sexuality 
in intelligent ways.

This reckoning is long overdue. And it can be extended to another genre 
that has distorted how men behave: war movies. Hollywood has shown 
itself capable of making excellent war movies (think THREE KINGS, PATHS 
OF GLORY, and THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES), but most are problematic. 
Some of the biggest war movies of the post-9/11 era don't just show 
violence in ways that are often gratuitous and occasionally racist. They 
model a cliched form of masculinity that veers from simplistic to 

For instance, you can see Rambo and John Wayne return to life in the 
latest war blockbuster, 12 STRONG, which was produced by Jerry 
Bruckheimer, who also brought us BLACK HAWK DOWN. 12 STRONG is an 
extravaganza about a Special Forces team that fought the Taliban in 
Afghanistan in the weeks and months after 9/11. During the movie's 
pivotal scene, the leader of the Green Berets, played by Chris Hemsworth 
(the grievously handsome star of the THOR franchise), decimates a hive 
of Taliban fighters with his rifle ablaze as he gallops ahead on his 
fearless horse (yes, he's riding a horse). In the same way that 
Hemsworth's assault weapon goes rat-tat-tat and the bad guys fall like 
bulleted dominoes, the scene itself checks off one born-in-Hollywood