From: Neill Massello <>
Subject: Re: 12 STRONG: The Left is Upset (Again)
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From: (Neill Massello)
Subject: Re: 12 STRONG: The Left is Upset (Again)
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2018 17:30:25 -0700
Organization: Dead Usenet Society
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BTR1701<> wrote:

> This guy has some serious issues to work through. His obvious issues 
> with the military aside, he can't even stand that Hemsworth is 
> good-looking. "Greviously handsome"? WTF?

Well, most men envy the Hemsworths' looks. But he lost me when he lumped
in two of the best war movies ever made with a superficial,
flash-in-the-pan entertainment. 

> Oh, and contrary to the writer's claim, Hemsworth's Marines did a lot
> more than decimate the Taliban forces. They annihilated them.

He's a half-learned twit who doesn't know what "decimate" means. He's
also a pussy. Unfortunately, movie commentary tends to attract such