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Subject: Re: 12 STRONG: The Left is Upset (Again)
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Subject: Re: 12 STRONG: The Left is Upset (Again)
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>>>>> Though I (fwiw) am neither upset, nor upset if the Left's upset, I'm 
>>>>> curious to know which of this guy's ideas you find particularly absurd.
>>>> Um... all of them?
>>> Why is the Right always so inarticulate?
>> Why is it the Left reliably lacks any semblance of a sense of humor 
>> and/or is incapable of getting a movie reference in a movie newsgroup?
> Ob Terminator 2.


How dare we make a movie about the men who went into Afghanistan on f*cking
horses to fight the Taliban and won. We should be making movies about women
in pink pussy hats screaming for their right to kill unborn children and
growing out their armpit hair.