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Subject: Re: 12 STRONG: The Left is Upset (Again)
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Subject: Re: 12 STRONG: The Left is Upset (Again)
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On 1/29/2018 12:18 PM, BTR1701 wrote:
> In article <wVIbC.3044$at7.117@fx43.iad>,
>   moviePig<> wrote:
>> On 1/29/2018 11:56 AM, BTR1701 wrote:
>>> In article <45GbC.1718$Ia3.404@fx44.iad>,
>>>    moviePig<> wrote:
>>>> On 1/28/2018 6:16 PM, BTR1701 wrote:
>>>>> In article <pwsbC.537981$iX.302982@fx39.iad>,
>>>>>     moviePig<> wrote:
>>>>>> Though I (fwiw) am neither upset, nor upset if the Left's upset, I'm
>>>>>> curious to know which of this guy's ideas you find particularly absurd.
>>>>> Um... all of them?
>>>> Then let's take two:
>>>>       "Instead of movies that objectify women, [I suggest] more films that
>>>> portray sex and sexuality in intelligent ways."
>>>>       "[Most war-movies] model a cliched form of masculinity that veers
>>>> from simplistic to monstrous."
>>>> If each of those points is absurd, what's your alternative view?
>>> That they're neither simplistic nor monstrous and Hemsworth's looks are
>>> hardly 'grievous'.
>> So, I infer that you in fact *don't* contest the first quote (about
>> objectifying women).
> No, I'm just bored with that whole nonsense. Men are just as objectified
> in movies.

You might be right, I'd assume you and Anim8r are just as attuned to 
seeing men's breasts in movies as us hetero guys are about seeing women's.

Dude, you really need to get your dosage changed on your meds.

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