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From: Bill Steele <>
Subject: Re: Are Movie Sequels Better Late Than Never?
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Subject: Re: Are Movie Sequels Better Late Than Never?
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On 1/29/18 3:14 AM, wrote:
> Kevthewriter considers the “late sequel” trend.  Are movies like Mama Mia 2 too little, too
> This year, Mamma Mia 2 is coming out. Remember Mamma Mia, the big screen adaptation of the
Broadway musical based on the music of the Swedish supergroup Abba.  It was released in the summer
of…2008? That was ten years ago! Why did they wait 10 years to make a Mamma Mia sequel?! I know
the cast has been in a lot since then but surely they could find the time to have filmed a sequel
that came out by, oh, 2011.

Maybe it took Abba that long to write more songs.

Or maybe th TV showing drew enough audience to convince the suits.