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Subject: Re: Blade Runner 2049
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Why would the only female replicant who was able to reproduce being kept in a protective dome where
she was unable to bear children?  As she was about 29 years old she only had so many childbearing
years left in her.  

The flip side that Wallace alluded to was perhaps there might have been something special about
Deckard (if he is a replicant) also, that Tyrell intended to get him and Rachel together and fall in
love and have a replicant child.  In that case, I would have expected Wallace to have required an
autopsy of Deckard or at the very least a sperm sample to see if there was something different about
him if he were in fact a replicant.  I've been on  the fence about the Deckard is a replicant issue,
but after his meeting with Wallace, am convinced that Wallace knew he was a replicant.

I thought Blade Runner 2049 was really good, a sequel that was worth the wait, and one of the ten
best sci-fi films of the decade.  The casting was great, I loved the Gaff cameo, and Jared Leto is
one of the most fascinating actors of his generation.  Harrison Ford, I believe, has become a better
actor as he has aged, and again he gave a great performance.  (I thought Ford deserved a Best
Supporting Oscar nom for his Branch Rickey role in the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 from a couple years
ago.) I thought Harrison Ford was always a pretty good actor, but nobody ever really asked him to
act, they just wanted him to play Han Solo or Indiana Jones.

The special effects were extraordinary, and this movie will win all of the technical Oscars it is
nominated for.  It should have been nominated for Best Picture.