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From: RichA <rander3128@gmail.com>
Subject: "Europa Report" should have been in the top 50 scifis of the 2000's.
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Subject: "Europa Report" should have been in the top 50 scifis of the 2000s.
From: RichA <rander3128@gmail.com>
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"Europe Report" was a near perfect scifi.  Look for life on a moon of Jupiter.  A couple moons of
Jupiter and Saturn have come to the fore as the main candidates for life in our solar system outside
Earth since Mars is a dry, dead rock.  If you haven't seen it, I won't ruin it, but IMO, it was pure
scifi the way it should be.  You have to know something about planetary astronomy to fully
appreciate how alien such an environment in the movie would be.  Unlike Mars which is a relative
neighbour to Earth, Jupiter and its moons are 10x further away and nothing like Earth or Mars.