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Subject: Re: "Europa Report" should have been in the top 50 scifis of the 2000's.
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Subject: Re: "Europa Report" should have been in the top 50 scifis of the 2000s.
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On Wednesday, 31 January 2018 14:15:57 UTC-5, Ed Stasiak  wrote:
> > RichA
> >
> > A couple moons of Jupiter and Saturn have come to the fore
> > as the main candidates for life in our solar system outside
> > Earth since Mars is a dry, dead rock.
> Of Saturn’ moons, only Europa is a candidate for life due to
> the presence of liquid water under the icy outer surface but
> it’s still possible for there to be life on Mars, which would be
> in the form of bacteria and such.
> But the goal isn’t looking for life, it’s colonizing other worlds
> and Mars is the best real estate in the solar system after Earth.

Speaking of...The U.S. is going to cringe if China builds Project Orion.  Whoever builds it
dominates space.  Chemical rockets belong in 13th century China.