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Subject: Re: "Europa Report" should have been in the top 50 scifis of the 2000's.
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Subject: Re: "Europa Report" should have been in the top 50 scifis of the 2000s.
From: Ed Stasiak <>
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> RichA
> > Ed Stasiak
> >
> > But the goal isn’t looking for life, it’s colonizing other worlds 
> > and Mars is the best real estate in the solar system after Earth. 
> Speaking of...The U.S. is going to cringe if China builds Project Orion.
> Whoever builds it dominates space.  Chemical rockets belong in 13th
> century China. 

The method of going there is less important than actually getting off
our asses and going there.

I heard the Chinese are looking to go to the Moon, which is a waste
of time IMO as it’ll always be a dead world and even assuming there’s
water there, (probably) any colony will effectively be a (under)ground
based space station forever.

The idea is that the Moon base would act as a prototype for a future
Mars colony but the cost and effort will be essentially the same and
the fact is, we have the capability to go to Mars today and had the
U.S. not scrapped its space program in the 70s, we’d already be there.