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Subject: Re: "Europa Report" should have been in the top 50 scifis of the 2000's.
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Subject: Re: "Europa Report" should have been in the top 50 scifis of the 2000s.
From: Michael OConnor <>
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> > BTR1701
> > > Ed Stasiak
> > > 
> > > Of Saturn's moons, only Europa is a candidate for life
> > 
> > What makes that even more amazing is that Europa is one of Jupiter's 
> > moons...
> Uhh... yeah, that too.

I remember a documentary on the Discovery Channel about 20 years ago (remember when they played
nothing but science and nature documentaries?) about Europa. They were interviewing a scientist
about an idea he had for sending an unmanned probe to Europa that would bore a hole thru the ice
that was large enough to drop a remote controlled submersible type thing into the water underneath
the ice to explore the oceans and report back what if anything is down there.