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Subject: THE SQUARE (Sweden) 2017
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Subject: THE SQUARE (Sweden) 2017
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My first venture into the foreign nominees for best picture didn't
disappoint.  Ruben Ostlund (FORCE MAJEURE) tackles the world of high
art, class distinctions, and man's increasing isolation and lack of
Christian (Claes Bang), is the curator of a modern art museum in
Stockholm.  Pretentious and smug, he bullshits his way through life,
basically getting what he wants on charm alone. The plot (somewhat)
centers around a controversial You Tube video that gets mistakenly
released, putting Christian's future in jeopardy.

At 2.5 hours long, it's a marathon of odd sub plots and Scandinavian
weirdness, including Elizabeth Moss as an American journalist, with a
pet ape.

 - greg