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Subject: THE SQUARE (no spoilers)
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From: moviePig <pwallace@moviepig.com>
Subject: THE SQUARE (no spoilers)
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About 2 meters on each of its glowing edges, THE SQUARE is an artwork 
embedded into the sidewalk in front of a Scandinavian museum -- intended 
to delineate a space of perfect communication, cooperation, and 
compassion.  This flick, meanwhile, spends its 140 minutes throwing 
feces at such pretentiousness.  (Chimpanzees figure lightly into the 
proceedings.)  The plot mostly follows the humorous ordeals of a 
forty-ish museum director as he juggles collisions between art, 
principle, and the trials of daily life.  Though I didn't emerge with a 
clear takeaway (if there was one), I can report many watchable 
sequences, and the abiding sense of an eccentric intelligence at work. 
Mostly recommended.


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