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Irish Ranger wrote:
> I am not recommending that you, or anyone else, watch "The Foreigner".  It "stars" 63 year
> old Jackie Chan as a karate expert who out smarts, and outfights the IRA (Irish Republican Army)
> the British Police and the British Counter Terrorism Forces.
> The plot is semi-ridiculous and has more holes than an order of Swiss cheese.  Jackie Chan
> gives it his best shot but looks like he belongs in an assisted care facility for old time kung fu
> But here's why I pinged you.  This is one of the very few films I've seen where the
> "star"  is irrelevant to the film and story line.  You could, literally, take Jackie Chan and all
of his
> footage out of the film and it wouldn't make any difference.
> It's like it was a film with a plot and serious acting but they just threw in Jackie Chan to try
and pick up some kung fu fans.  Either that or Chan financed the film and insisted on "staring" in
> Irish Mike

is it true the irish are called the niggers of europe?