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On 1/30/2018 12:59 PM, Michael OConnor wrote:
> Why would the only female replicant who was able to reproduce being kept in a protective dome
where she was unable to bear children?  As she was about 29 years old she only had so many
childbearing years left in her.
> The flip side that Wallace alluded to was perhaps there might have been something special about
Deckard (if he is a replicant) also, that Tyrell intended to get him and Rachel together and fall in
love and have a replicant child.  In that case, I would have expected Wallace to have required an
autopsy of Deckard or at the very least a sperm sample to see if there was something different about
him if he were in fact a replicant.  I've been on  the fence about the Deckard is a replicant issue,
but after his meeting with Wallace, am convinced that Wallace knew he was a replicant.
> I thought Blade Runner 2049 was really good, a sequel that was worth the wait, and one of the ten
best sci-fi films of the decade.  The casting was great, I loved the Gaff cameo, and Jared Leto is
one of the most fascinating actors of his generation.  Harrison Ford, I believe, has become a better
actor as he has aged, and again he gave a great performance.  (I thought Ford deserved a Best
Supporting Oscar nom for his Branch Rickey role in the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 from a couple years
ago.) I thought Harrison Ford was always a pretty good actor, but nobody ever really asked him to
act, they just wanted him to play Han Solo or Indiana Jones.
> The special effects were extraordinary, and this movie will win all of the technical Oscars it is
nominated for.  It should have been nominated for Best Picture.

I enjoyed the movie too, but I came away perplexed about whether I'm 
supposed to think Deckerd is a replicant.  I began watching the movie 
100% convinced he was a replicant as I had paid attention to the clues 
in the original film and I thought there was no question.  When I came 
out of BR2049 my certainty had been shaken -- and then I read reviews 
that just flat out assumed everyone agrees Deckerd is human. Where'd 
they come up with that?  I dunno.

So...can you please explain to me in just a bit more detail what you saw 
in the meeting with Wallace that confirms he is a replicant?

Bill Anderson

I am the Mighty Favog