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Subject: Re: An interview with Rex Reed
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Subject: Re: An interview with Rex Reed
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On 2/4/2018 11:27 AM, moviePig wrote:
> On 2/4/2018 10:22 AM, Irish Ranger wrote:
>> Just saw an interview with movie critic Rex Reed.  I thought the old 
>> queen died
>> from AIDs a couple of decades ago.  So I was surprised to see he was 
>> still alive.
>> Turns out he is just as self-centered, arrogant, nasty and sarcastic 
>> as ever.
>> In any case, based on how sad and pathetic he looks, I doubt any one 
>> would be surprised
>> if he checked out tomorrow.
> He's pushing 80.  What's *your* plan to avoid old age?

Only the good die young.