From: Siri Cruise <>
Subject: Re: How much does Hollywood pay police to conduct fake investigations?
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From: Siri Cruise <>
Subject: Re: How much does Hollywood pay police to conduct fake investigations?
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2018 20:47:52 -0800
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 The Starmaker<> wrote:

> He said police have contacted Wagner two or three times and he has declined 
> to speak to them.""

The police cannot compel people to speak to them. The county DA can convene a 
grand jury and subpeona him, compelling his appearance. He still does not have 
to answer self incriminating questions.

> Arrest him, if you fuckin DARE!

An arrest starts the clock on the right to a speedy trial. It would compel his 
court appearances but still doesn't compel testimony.

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