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On 2/5/18 3:39 PM, william ahearn wrote:
> On Monday, February 5, 2018 at 4:11:21 PM UTC-5, Greg Singh wrote:
>> Wow, that's quite a pile of shit.  So my little primer on distribution
>> channels of movies went right over your head.  It's a Netflix movie
>> release through Netflix.  Is Netflix a "video"?  No, it's a streaming
>> video channel.  Is a movie released through a streaming video channel a
>> made for TV movie then?  Not in the conventional sense because they're
>> using production values and budgets deemed for theatrical films.  It's a
>> new paradigm.  If you need help understanding this, just ask.  If you
>> want another exercise in small mindedness there are specific dudes that
>> are best at that.
> trotsky never tires of chasing his tail.

And wee willy ahearn never tires of defecating on topic discussions.