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Subject: Re: NOCTURNE (no spoilers)
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On 2/7/2018 9:18 AM, moviePig wrote:
> On 2/6/2018 10:59 PM, Obveeus wrote:
>> On 2/6/2018 6:25 PM, moviePig wrote:
>>> On 2/6/2018 5:47 PM, Obveeus wrote:
>>>> On 2/6/2018 5:33 PM, moviePig wrote:
>>>>> Six high-school seniors gather for an evening of partying and 
>>>>> spooky soul-searching.  For the first half of its 90 minutes, 
>>>>> NOCTURNE promises a somewhat stylish and above-average 
>>>>> horror-flick.  Then the second-half goes off the rails like a bent 
>>>>> bicycle.  Minimally recommended.
>>>> NOCTURNE a film that really does look like a direct to DVD offering 
>>>> with a 4.7 IMDB score and yet you watched this while forgoing the 
>>> I go into each movie pursuing a glimmer of hope.  But a movie being 
>>> blatantly painted over to ride another's coattails snuffs that out.
>> By 'painted over', I guess you me rewrite draft of a script?
>> Side note:  the last CLOVERFIELD film (10 CLOVERFIELD LANE) was also a 
>> rewrite of a different spec film script (THE CELLAR).
> If tCP was merely a rewrite, i.e., was "Cloverfield"ed before the 
> cameras ever rolled, that'd make a difference to me.  But I thought it 
> was filmed, shelved, and then re-titled with extreme prejudice.

 From wiki:

The film was shot in Los Angeles, California, where it received tax 
credits under the state's film incentive program.[19] While filming in 
Los Angeles, the project was shot under the titles of God Particle and 
Clean Pass.[20] Filming began on June 10, 2016 and wrapped on September 
23, 2016.[17] According to Uziel, it was during production that he came 
to learn that the film was being connected to Cloverfield, requiring him 
to rewrite a few scenes and added addition shooting.[9] Uziel speculated 
that the decision to connect to Cloverfield was due to the difficulty in 
marketing a stand-alone science-fiction film at the time, and felt the 
connection between the films was more of an anthology series similar to 
The Twilight Zone, with each movie dealing with how people with complex 
relations deal with a other-worldly dilemma.[9]

That paragraph would appear to me to indicate that the rewriting and 
filming of CLOVERFIELD tie-in stuff occurred during the original filming 
of the project.  there is other stuff at the link that hints that the 
script sat around for a few years before any filming began (probably 
because most scripts do and because of studio/ownership changes).  Also, 
after filming, the link explains some delay in release as they worked on 
an ARG video game tie-in and wrung their hands about how the high cost 
of the film would prevent it from becoming a theatrical success.