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From: Irish Ranger <irishranger317@gmail.com>
Subject: "Certain Women", no spoilers
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Subject: "Certain Women", no spoilers
From: Irish Ranger <irishranger317@gmail.com>
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I occasionally enjoy a quiet, well done, character based movie as a change from  the blood,
violence and special effects in most current films.  I have also enjoyed some of Laura Dern's work 
in the past.  For those reasons I rented "Certain women" from Netflix.   It's an Indie movie based
three stories about women living in modern day Montana.

Good acting, good cinematography and scenery.  But truly little to no action.  Some would describe
it as slow paced, others might say dull-as-dirt.  My question is, who funds a film like this?  I
can't imagine
much of an audience for this film, except maybe Mr. Movie Pig and some of his artsy-fartsy pals.

So, not recommended for the average movie guy like me.

Irish Mike