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From: Irish Ranger <>
Subject: Re: "Certain Women", no spoilers
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Subject: Re: "Certain Women", no spoilers
From: Irish Ranger <>
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On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 3:56:38 AM UTC-5, Irish Ranger wrote:
> I occasionally enjoy a quiet, well done, character based movie as a change from  the blood,
> violence and special effects in most current films.  I have also enjoyed some of Laura Dern's work 
> in the past.  For those reasons I rented "Certain women" from Netflix.   It's an Indie movie based
> three stories about women living in modern day Montana.
> Good acting, good cinematography and scenery.  But truly little to no action.  Some would describe
> it as slow paced, others might say dull-as-dirt.  My question is, who funds a film like this?  I
can't imagine
> much of an audience for this film, except maybe Mr. Movie Pig and some of his artsy-fartsy pals.
> So, not recommended for the average movie guy like me.
> Irish Mike