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Subject: Re: The Cloverfield Paradox
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Subject: Re: The Cloverfield Paradox
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On 2/8/2018 4:14 PM, trotsky wrote:
> On 2/8/2018 8:43 AM, moviePig wrote:
>> On 2/8/2018 6:15 AM, trotsky wrote:
>>> On 2/7/18 7:59 AM, moviePig wrote:
>>>> On 2/7/2018 6:14 AM, trotsky wrote:
>>>>> On 2/6/18 5:30 PM, moviePig wrote:
>>>>>> On 2/6/2018 6:24 PM, trotsky wrote:
>>>>>>> On 2/6/18 1:18 PM, moviePig wrote:
>>>>>>>> tCP now has 6.0 from  15,208.  Fwiw, I do think Netflix confers 
>>>>>>>> a small pro-bias -- e.g., an anti-establishment sticking it to 
>>>>>>>> The Man. 
>>>>>>> Anti-establishment?  What the fuck are you talking about?
>>>>>> In the movie biz, Netflix is (still) the upstart, the renegade who 
>>>>>> delivers what the big studios won't risk.  We pull for Netflix.
>>>>> Here is my advice: you shitheads need to start doing the necessary 
>>>>> research when talking about any aspect of the business of selling 
>>>>> movies, because you look like fucking third graders.  Here's an 
>>>>> example:
>>>>> Disney Corp., one of the biggest entertainment conglomerates in the 
>>>>> history of the universe, has announced its "global streaming plan". 
>>>>> Guess what?  Netflix is a streaming video channel.  Hm, could it be 
>>>>> that Disney and others have recognized that streaming video is a 
>>>>> new paradigm in the release of its products and are acting 
>>>>> accordingly? Guess what else?  If Disney is doing it it's just the 
>>>>> opposite of "anti establishment".  Do you see your error yet?
>>>> The future lies ahead.  The present, however, is a concern about 
>>>> whether THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX's hundred minutes will prove 
>>>> rewarding (to me!). 
>>> No, we're not talking about your bullshit ways of evaluating a movie 
>>> without seeing it, we're talking about your bullshit comment about a 
>>> hugely successful company called Netflix is a "renegade" because they 
>>> have become successful as an alternate distribution channel for 
>>> movies. If this shit is over your head you should probably just avoid 
>>> the subject.
>> "Evaluating a movie" is *different* from "evaluating a movie as a good 
>> bet".  For instance, one of them requires *watching* the movie, while 
>> the other specifically *excludes* it.  I hope this now helps you put 
>> that perennial soapbox to better use -- say, as firewood.
>> Netflix, meanwhile, is afaics
> You can't see two feet in front of your face then.  Look, you're not a 
> bad guy and you're an enthusiast, that's the good news.  The bad news is 
> you're mentally lazy and don't mind spouting ignorance.  In case it 
> isn't clear I fucking hate that shit. Keep in mind that you were the guy 
> that held on to watching pieces of plastic, DVDs, as long as you could. 
> Old guys don't like to adopt new technology in general.  I'm an 
> electronics junkie and I'm like that myself to some degree.  However, I 
> do have a pretty good feel for what sells and what doesn't, so that end, 
> here's an article from last June:
>> More people now subscribe to Netflix than cable TV in the US
>>     Jeff Dunn
>>     Jun. 15, 2017, 7:00 PM 7,604
>> Netflix is becoming as much a staple of the American home as cable TV 
>> — even more so.
>> In the first quarter of this year, the number of US Netflix 
>> subscribers overtook the number of American cable TV subscribers for 
>> the first time, according to a recent study by Leichtman Research 
>> Group charted for us by Statista. While Netflix has rapidly gained new 
>> subscribers, cable has been slowly losing them. 
> So please, for your own sake, just shut the fuck up until you can get 
> even the vaguest grasp of the facts.  Is this what you want, to sound 
> absolutely ignorant like a "RichA" or BTRwhogivesafuck?  I'll bet you 
> don't.  You sound REALLY stupid when a monstrous business venture such 
> as Netflix is described like it's some kind of gonzo pirate TV set up. 
> REALLY STUPID.  Jeff Bezos is the richest guy in the world and yet I'd 
> bet money that he'd give his left nut to have Amazon Prime Video do what 
> Netflix is doing.  Is any of this getting through to you at all?

Regardless of its D&B rating, I maintain that Netflix is perceived as 
the upstart innovator -- the "indie", if you like -- when it comes to 
programming.  Nobody says, "Here's a good story I hope CBS picks up."


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