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Subject: Re: BLACK PANTHER finally gets a negative Rottentomato review
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Subject: Re: BLACK PANTHER finally gets a negative Rottentomato review
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On 2018-02-08 21:18:17 +0000, Obveeus said:
> On 2/8/2018 4:13 PM, RichA wrote:
>> On Thursday, 8 February 2018 15:49:24 UTC-5, Obveeus  wrote:
>>> BLACK PANTHER, due in US theaters on Feb 16, 2018, has 81 critic reviews
>>> showing on  Of those, 80 are 'fresh' and one is
>>> 'rotten'.  The 'rotten' review comes from the Irish Independent (3 of 5
>>> stars).  There is one other review on Rottentomatoes that is also 3 of
>>> 5, but it is listed as 'fresh'.  Interestingly, it also comes from an
>>> Ireland source called Irish Times.
>> Not doing so well on IMBD
> 65% gave it a 10 (fanboys rushing out to see the film...or more likely 
> pretending to).
> 22% gave it a 1 (racists and people duped into believing this is a DC 
> vs. Marvel battle to be won).
> Looking at the age based breakdown of votes, it seems that younger 
> folks like the film more...and/or are less racist.

There's a stupid coumnist in today's NZ Herald newspaper who is all 
excited about the movie ... because it has black characters and actors 
in important roles (the usual bollocks about being able to finally see 
"people like me on the big screen"), as if there has never been black 
actors in anything else. That's racist too!

It's a movie and it should be judged, advertised, and (over)hyped 
according to the storyline, the acting ability, etc. ... NOT the 
irrelevant colour of the actors skin or their gender or their religious