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Subject: Re: "The Big Sick"
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Subject: Re: "The Big Sick"
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On 2/25/2018 11:45 AM, Obveeus wrote:
> On 2/25/2018 10:24 AM, trotsky wrote:

>>>> The title is a little strange but when you see the movie it makes 
>>>> sense.
>>> I feel that THE BIG SICK was the best film that came out in 2017.
>>>> The other noteworthy thing about the movie is it yet another strong 
>>>> entry in the streaming video company turned movie production company 
>>>> sweepstakes.  After the debacle that is Harvey Weinstein I can see 
>>>> these movies continuing to take off, and, if truth be told, I can't 
>>>> remember what the last movie I've seen in a theater was.
>>> Weinstein was closely tied to both Amazon Studios and Netflix, 
>>> though, so there is no respite from predatory filmmakers in the 
>>> streaming arena.
>> Closely tied meaning he had women from there tie him up with ropes as 
>> part of his sex games?  I don't understand your vague assertion. 
>> Perhaps a cite explaining it is necessary.
> No cite is necessary because people are probably familiar with Weinstein 
> doing projects for both Amazon and Netflix.  This stuff has been in the 
> news over the last 6 months or so as the scandal churned along.  I know 
> you like to shout 'cite' at every opportunity, but really, you are a 
> tedious human being prone to an inability to have these/any 
> conversations so why would I go out of my way to produce a cite for you 
> when you could easily look it up on the internet if you actually cared 
> to know?

It's amusing, your trying to put the onus on me, but that's not going to 
fly.  "People are probably familiar..."  is exactly analogous to Trump 
saying "A lot of people are saying..."  It's mentally lazy and show no 
regard for facts.  What you say might be true, but unless you have a 
credible source to cite there is no reason to believe what you're 
saying.  Conversely, I cite articles to back what I'm saying time and 
time and time again, but the mental laziness of people on the internet 
is both obvious and widespread.  But you're right about one thing: 
Weinstein and Netflix do have a relationship:


> TWC also produced Netflix original series “Marco Polo,” one of the most expensive shows in
television history. “The Green Legend” and “Marco Polo” were both costly critical failures
for a streaming service that previously had few.

So, on the plus side, we both liked the movie a lot.  I'm glad you 
agree, you clearly have some taste.  On the minus side, I'm talking 
about streaming services gaining traction as the new frontier in movie 
release channels, countering it with the fall of Harvey, and you 
actually point out Harvey had a working relationship with streaming 
services already, neglecting to mention it was an utter utter utter 
failure.  So, again, please explain what point you were trying to make.

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