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From: Obveeus <Obveeus@aol.com>
Subject: DAVE MADE A MAZE (only minor spoilers)
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From: Obveeus <Obveeus@aol.com>
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Subject: DAVE MADE A MAZE (only minor spoilers)
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2018 08:59:12 -0500
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DAVE MADE A MAZE:  This is 2017 a film about a hapless guy who builds a 
cardboard fort in his livingroom one day...and then gets stuck inside 
it.  Friends and neighbors come to laugh at his predicament, including a 
group of documentary filmmakers who think that this will make for an 
interesting subject.  Eventually, more people crawl into the fort and 
discover that it is more than it appears to be.  lots of cardboard world 
antics ensue and this turns out to be a wonderful small budget film. 
There are a few familiar faces in the cast like Adam Bush (ALTERED 
CARBON and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER) and Stephanie Allynne (Tig's wife 
and ONE MISSISSIPPI cohort), but the star of this film is the cardboard. 
  Make sure to watch the commentary extras on the DVD for further 
background in cardboard appropriation and the years it took to make this 
film.  Arthur Lipscomb recommended this film awhile back and I second 
this recommendation, especially for anyone who likes films such as RUBBER.