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Subject: Re: A gun is like a parachute.
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Subject: Re: A gun is like a parachute.
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On 2/27/18 5:44 AM, trotsky wrote:
> On 2/26/18 9:07 PM, Irish Ranger wrote:
>> A gun is like a parachute.  If you need one and don't have
>> one, you'll probably never need one again.

If I were on a plane and saw the flight attendants putting on parachutes 
I wouldn't be happy. That's what it's going to be like for kids when 
their teachers start packing heat.

Reminds me of the "duck and cover" era when I sat there watching the 
window for the flash.

OTOH, there's a possibility to make school more fun: Dress up the place 
like a western saloon. Teach the boys to play poker; make the 
cheerleaders into dancing girls.