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Subject: Re: THE FLORIDA PROJECT (no spoilers)
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Subject: Re: THE FLORIDA PROJECT (no spoilers)
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In article <W40lC.80685$4_2.972@fx35.iad>,
 moviePig<> wrote:

> Writer-director Sean Baker (TANGERINE) turns his disquisitive eye on the 
> matchstick sub-culture growing in the economic crevices of Orlando's 
> Disney World.  Willem DaFoe heads the adult cast, but the stars are a 
> few very young kids whose performances approach Cinema Verite.  (The 
> DVD's making-of is a particularly engaging one.)  THE FLORIDA PROJECT 
> is, to be sure, an art-house movie, with an art-house movie's ambiance 
> and structure.  It's nevertheless gripping -- and well recommended.

DaFoe might have won the best supporting male Oscar on Sunday if it 
weren't for Sam Rockwell.

Ironically 3 Billboards probably won't get best picture because of 
recent concern by the Academy that Rockwell's racist character wasn't 
"redeemed enough" at the end (The Shape of Water has pulled ahead).

Also looks like Frances McDormand has a lock on her second Oscar. For 
the guys, Gary Oldman is a shoo-in.