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In article <p7bkmi$b3c$>, Obveeus<> 

> The Weinstein company has a sale agreement in place for the company. 
> The new ownership, led by Maria Contreras-Sweet (head of the Small 
> Business Administration under Obama) will set aside $90Million for 
> Weinstein's victims,

So, what, about $25 apiece?

 keep the 150 or so employees employed,

Because none of them were complicit

 and promises 
> to create a new executive board that is mostly female.

Because that shouldn't send her straight to prison.

Oh, wait, yes, it should.

  They also 
> promise that people acting in bad faith will not be rewarded (hopefully 
> meaning that board members forced out only after years of enabling 
> Weinstein will not be rewarded and that personal assistants to Weinstein 
> who helped lure/trap women won't be able to claim victim-hood themselves).

It's hard to imagine that company isn't rotten through and through.

It's also hard to imagine that, as hands on as he was (hah!), it isn't 
pointless without him, except maybe as a way to miss-manage (hah!!) 
previous assets.

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