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Subject: Re: Weinstein Company sold
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Subject: Re: Weinstein Company sold
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On 3/2/2018 10:51 AM, anim8rfsk wrote:
> In article <p7bnv2$3lp$>, Obveeus<>
> wrote:
>> On 3/2/2018 9:35 AM, anim8rfsk wrote:
>>> In article <p7bkmi$b3c$>, Obveeus<>
>>> wrote:
>>>> The Weinstein company has a sale agreement in place for the company.
>>>> The new ownership, led by Maria Contreras-Sweet (head of the Small
>>>> Business Administration under Obama) will set aside $90Million for
>>>> Weinstein's victims,
>>> So, what, about $25 apiece?
>> I suspect this $90million set aside will bring more claims out of the
>> woodwork.
> Oh, absolutely.
>>>    keep the 150 or so employees employed,
>>> Because none of them were complicit
>> I think the complicit employees already quit the company and filed
>> lawsuits claiming that they were victims.  I hope there is a way to
>> exclude them from any payouts.  As for complicit board members...yes,
>> they probably all need to be replaced, even if some of them did start
>> protesting in the later years.
>>>    and promises
>>>> to create a new executive board that is mostly female.
>>> Because that shouldn't send her straight to prison.
>>> Oh, wait, yes, it should.
>> I have no idea why they think statements like that aren't proof of
>> sexual discrimination.
> I know!  Can you imagine if they'd said "we ain't gonna have no stupid
> broads on the board"
>    Maybe the board is filled with unpaid positions
>> so it doesn't count as a job?
> LOL.  I'm unclear on what an 'executive board' does anyway.

They are the ones who vote to increase the salary of the CEO as long as 
he promises to pay all the sexual assault claims out of his own pocket 
going forward.

The real trick is that various CEOs of various companies can agree to be 
on the board of directors for each other's companies...and then they can 
literally sit around giving each other huge raises and guaranteed stock