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Subject: Re: War comes earlier than expected
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Subject: Re: War comes earlier than expected
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On 3/2/2018 9:18 AM, Obveeus wrote:
> The release date for AVENGERS:  INFINITY WAR just moved up a week to 
> April 27, 2018:

Normally I would be beyond happy at the news of that movie being moved 
up a week.  But that originally release date has been known for well 
over a year.  And I actually planned a staycation around *that* date! 
:-/  And even though it's a staycation, I have actually made other plans 
to go to other local places and events so I can't just change them now.

Just a few weeks ago I purchased tickets to an event in 2019.  I 
intentionally purchased the tickets for the weekend of May 3, 2019 so I 
could see Infinity War 2 at a really nice IMAX theater first.  I hope 
*that* date holds...