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From: Irish Ranger <irishranger317@gmail.com>
Subject: Watching, or not watching, the Oscars
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Subject: Watching, or not watching, the Oscars
From: Irish Ranger <irishranger317@gmail.com>
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I used to watch the Oscars back when they were still about movies and movie stars.  But now it's
just a left wing political platform for bashing America, conservatives and traditional values.  And
the liberal's hysterical, frothing at the mouth hatred for President Trump, since he defeated
Hillary Clinton,
has gone completely off the rails.

Also, given the recent mass exposure of the sexual harassment culture that has infested Hollywood
for decades, I am even less inclined to listen to their self-righteous, morally superior preaching
the short-comings in the conduct of we "deplorables".

That said, there is still one small part of the Oscars that I do watch, which is the Memoriam segment
where they pay fleeting homage to the movie stars who have passed away.  It seem fitting to spend
a minute or two acknowledging the life and work of these actors and the memories they created.
I only wish they would make the segment longer and, maybe some day, do a special tribute to the
movie stats who were some how over looked and not shown, back when they passed away.

So I record the Oscars, fast forward to the Memoriam, watch it and then hit delete.  

Irish Mike