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Subject: Re: What will PROVE political-correctness dominates over objectivityat the Oscars will be...
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Subject: Re: What will PROVE political-correctness dominates over objectivity
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On Sunday, 4 March 2018 16:22:12 UTC-5, Greg Singh  wrote:
> On 3/3/2018 8:54 PM, RichA wrote:
> > ...if "Get Out" beats "Dunkirk" for Best Picture.  "Get Out" was fine, a good horror, but it was
not Best Picture calibre.
> I haven't seen "Dunkirk" but I have yet to see a Nolan film that I 
> wouldn't describe as "overwrought".  I kind of wonder if you've seen it 
> either.
I've seen it and it's the nature of war films to be (in the eyes of the left) "overwrought" because
the left has no concept of the costs of war.