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From: Irish Ranger <irishranger317@gmail.com>
Subject: Just watched "Breaking Bad" - my opinion of the series
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Subject: Just watched "Breaking Bad" - my opinion of the series
From: Irish Ranger <irishranger317@gmail.com>
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I just finished watching all five seasons of "Breaking Bad" on Netflix Streaming.  I'm not sure why
I never watched this series live, because I'd generally heard good things about it.  Anyway, I
it was very good and is definitely worth the time to watch.  In fact, I was even a little
when it ended.

I thought the writing was particularly good with a lot of plot twists I didn't see coming.  Just when
you thought you knew where a particular situation was headed, the writers would flip it around,
in a believable way.  The series conclusion was also better than average.

The acting was also excellent.  There were several very good supporting characters including
Saul the shylock lawyer, Mike the private investigator and Gus the drug gang leader.
The only character that got to be a little irritating was Jesse, the dope-head drug cook.

In that regard it reminded me of the HBO series "Ray Donovan".  If Ray would have just killed
his father (John Voight) half of his problems would be solved.  The same with Jesse.  If Walt
(Bryan Cranston) would have gotten rid of Jesse, half of his problems would have been solved.

Bottom-line: "Breaking Bad" was one of the best TV series I've watched and I'd recommend it
for most TV buffs.

Irish Mike