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Subject: Re: Just watched "Breaking Bad" - my opinion of the series
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Subject: Re: Just watched "Breaking Bad" - my opinion of the series
From: Irish Ranger <>
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On Monday, March 5, 2018 at 8:51:32 AM UTC-5, Irish Ranger wrote:
> I just finished watching all five seasons of "Breaking Bad" on Netflix Streaming.  I'm not sure why
> I never watched this series live, because I'd generally heard good things about it.  Anyway, I
> it was very good and is definitely worth the time to watch.  In fact, I was even a little
> when it ended.
> I thought the writing was particularly good with a lot of plot twists I didn't see coming.  Just
> you thought you knew where a particular situation was headed, the writers would flip it around,
> in a believable way.  The series conclusion was also better than average.
> The acting was also excellent.  There were several very good supporting characters including
> Saul the shylock lawyer, Mike the private investigator and Gus the drug gang leader.
> The only character that got to be a little irritating was Jesse, the dope-head drug cook.
> In that regard it reminded me of the HBO series "Ray Donovan".  If Ray would have just killed
> his father (John Voight) half of his problems would be solved.  The same with Jesse.  If Walt
> (Bryan Cranston) would have gotten rid of Jesse, half of his problems would have been solved.
> Bottom-line: "Breaking Bad" was one of the best TV series I've watched and I'd recommend it
> for most TV buffs.
> Irish Mike

Correction: "Ray Donovan" is on Showtime.

Irish Mike