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Subject: Re: Irate moviegoer dumps tub of popcorn on noisy toddler's head,hitting her with container in Long Island theater
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Subject: Re: Irate moviegoer dumps tub of popcorn on noisy toddlers head,
hitting her with container in Long Island theater
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On Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 9:55:34 PM UTC-5, elvis wrote:
> Whats a mouthy fucking 2-year-old doing in a movie theatre?  Sue 
> the theatre for a refund.
> A Long Island film buff and her father are sharing a king-sized 
> bucket of trouble.
> The daughter and dad were busted for a Jan. 2 movie theater 
> fracas where foul-mouthed Keri Karman dumped a container of 
> popcorn over the head of a stranger’s chatty 2-year-old girl, 
> police said Saturday.
> Karman, 25, and her dad Charles Karman, 61, were taken into 
> custody after a two-month investigation and charged with 
> endangering the welfare of a child in the bizarre bit of cinema 
> verite, police said.
> The malevolent moviegoers went on the lam after fleeing the AMC 
> Dine-In Theater in Levittown, L.I., where they wound up sitting 
> next to a mother and her small child.
> The one-sided food fight began as an animated kids movie was 
> showing. When the small child asked her mom for some popcorn, 
> Keri Karman inexplicably became infuriated, according to police.
> The woman snapped at the little girl to keep her mouth shut, 
> with the tot’s angry mother ordering Karman not to say another 
> word to her child, cops said.
> An outraged Keri screamed and swore at the 28-year-old mom 
> before clamping her hand over the little girl’s mouth — and then 
> dumped a tub of popcorn on top of the child.
> Cops said she used the empty container to bop the dazed 2-year-
> old in the head.
> As the little girl burst into tears, the Karmans fled the 
> theater, cops said. A theater worker recalled Saturday that the 
> child was crying in her mom’s lap as they sat in the lobby.
> “I guess she had been calming (the girl) down since they walked 
> from the theater,” the employee said. “It’s just stupid, to be 
> honest ... Don’t do that. You’re a grown-up.”
> The little girl was taken to a doctor after suffering a slight 
> contusion and complaining of head pain, and Nassau cops were 
> notified on the same day as the 6:42 p.m. incident.
> “Somebody has anger-management issues,” said a former neighbor 
> of the Karmans, suggesting the family could use some 
> professional help. “That’s a bad example to set.”
> There was no answer at the suburban Long Island door of the 
> accused duo.
> Nassau detectives used surveillance footage from the theater and 
> credit card receipts to track down the suspects. The father was 
> charged with failing to intercede when his daughter went after 
> the girl.
> The Karmans, who live in Baldwin, were arrested at 3:30 p.m. 
> Friday after they were brought into a Nassau County police 
> precinct.
> Both were given desk appearance tickets, and are due back in 
> court March 12.
> Keri Karman runs a dog walking service called Keri's South Shore 
> Dog Walking. She promises on her company’s website to be “your 
> pet’s second best friend.”
> tub-noisy-tot-head-cutting-article-1.3852745

Really stupid move.  Why didn't she do this to the parent instead?...

 - Inkan1969