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Subject: Re: THE SHAPE OF WATER (2017)
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On Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 9:44:01 PM UTC-5, Bill Anderson wrote:
> A mute cleaning woman discovers a man/fish being held captive in a 
> government lab and things go on from there.  This film has been 
> nominated for a host of Academy Awards and I don't get it, I just don't 
> get it. I kept wondering for whom this movie had been made.  Fans of 
> comic book movies? Fans of romance movies? Fans of 50s monster movies? 
> No to all that, Shirley, and it certainly wasn't made for the likes of 
> me. The Snidely Whiplash villains were cardboard cartoon caricatures, 
> the fishman was wearing a replica of the rubber suit worn by the 
> Creature from the Black Lagoon, the acting was adequate but uninspired, 
> there wasn't a single story element I hadn't encountered before, nothing 
> special here, why did they make this waste-of-time silly movie?
> And HOW did it get nominated for Best Picture?  No...just no.
> -- 
> Bill Anderson
> I am the Mighty Favog

Del Toro implied that it was made for 50's movie monster fans:  he said he wondered what "Creature
from the Black Lagoon" would've been like if the Gil-Man got the girl.  

I agree with you here.  The movie felt too self conscious about its kitschy portrayal of the late
50's.  And the movie villain was a one dimensional copy of the villain from Del Toro's "Pan's

 - Inkan1969