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Subject: Re: Watching, or not watching, the Oscars
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On Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 10:11:05 AM UTC-5, Michael OConnor wrote:
> I won't watch it, I'll scroll thru the list of winners tomorrow.  Even though I haven't seen any
of the movies nominated other than watching trailers and reading critics, I've said all along I
thought The Shape of Water and Sally Hawkins would win, and Gary Oldman was a lock.  Sam Rockwell
and Alison Janney for the supporting categories.  
> If there is any of the above I am shaky on it is best actress which I think is perhaps a toss-up
between her and Frances McDormand.  I really like the Best Supporting Actor race, where you have
four great actors (Richard Jenkins, Woody Harrelson, Willem DeFoe and Rockwell) who have never won,
along with Plummer, who has won and the odds are very unlikely he will win again, so one of these
actors will get an Oscar.

My main interest is in the two Animated Oscars.  "Coco"'s win expected. (Really good movie,
actually.  But people are getting fed up with the predictability of the BAF Oscar.)  I was surprised
by the BAS win of "Dear Basketball".  This being the "Me Too" year, both wins are getting caught up
in controversy.

 - Inkan1969