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Subject: Re: Watching, or not watching, the Oscars
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Subject: Re: Watching, or not watching, the Oscars
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I think they had pretty much established in the past if the actor or actress if primarily a TV star,
like Farrah Fawcett, they will omit him or her from the Oscar Obituary segment unless they had a
long career that was close to 59/50 between film and TV or was a bona-fide TV star who became a
movie star, like George Clooney, or Will Farrell, as an example.  

In the case of Adam West, he was very famous for Batman, and also for Family Guy.  John Hillerman
and John Mahoney both were known for playing characters on TV shows that ran for many years,
although they both had extensive movie work also.  Both of them could have been included in the
Oscar segment, but I think because they were on long-running shows, they will instead by honored by
the Emmys.

I think Tobe Hooper, who also directed "Poltergeist", should have been in the segment.  I will also
argue for Glenn Campbell, who had a brief career acting in feature films but his big role was
co-starring in an iconic film "True Grit" and his music has been used in many films, and a recent
documentary about him was nominated for an Oscar.  As for Dorothy Malone, I would think any
Oscar-winning actor or actress would automatically get into the Obit reel, regardless of anything
else they did in their careers.