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Subject: Re: Oscar ratings crash - maybe the lowest of all time
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Subject: Re: Oscar ratings crash - maybe the lowest of all time
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On 3/5/2018 10:35 PM, bermuda999 wrote:
> On Monday, March 5, 2018 at 11:08:11 AM UTC-5, Irish Ranger wrote:
>> "Jimmy Kimmel claimed he was keeping this year's Oscars positive,
>> but the ratings were anything but.
>> The politically charged 2018 Academy Awards were down 15.6 percent
>> compared to the 2017 viewership with an 18.9 rating in Nielsen’s
>> overnight numbers from 8-11 p.m. ET, according to TheWrap.
> The 2018 NASCAR Daytona 500 earned a 5.3 rating and 9.3 million
> viewers on FOX, down 20% in ratings and 22% in viewership from last
> year (6.6, 11.9M) and down 20% and 18% respectively from 2016 (6.6,
> 11.4M). The 2018 NASCAR Daytona 500 audience was the smallest in the
> history of the race

These two rating drops (Oscars and NASCAR) put in even greater
perspective how amazing it is that the Super Bowl suffered a fairly
small ratings drop.

The ratings for regular broadcast TV shows are looking pretty bleak as
well with double digit ratings drops for most shows.

> "Like NASCAR ratings generally, Daytona 500 ratings have fallen off
> dramatically from the 2000s. From 2001-08, the race had at least a
> 10.0 rating and 17 million viewers in all-but-one year. In the final
> year of that run — just ten years ago — it had a 10.2 rating and 17.8
> million."
> Is it all because the NASCAR viewers don't appreciate the liberal
> slant of NASCAR drivers, sponsors and fans?

Well, they did allow a black guy to drive for the first time since the 

....but seriously, I think the retirement of big name drivers and the 
continued tortured changes to the point system are the main reasons that 
people are tuning out.