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Subject: Rebel in the Rye (2017)
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Subject: Rebel in the Rye (2017)
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Saw this short biopic of JD Salinger.  I reckon that some people feel 
they have seen a lot of this type of thing before, but here it is 
actually a true story.
I liked it more than I thought I would.  I even learned something about 
Salinger's writing style.  Non-person Kevin Spacey plays Salinger's 
mentor. This could have been his last starring role.  It seems 
appropriate too.
A seemingly light weight Salinger appears determined to be a writer.  He 
eventually learns the lessons and participates in some of the worst 
aspects of WWII.  And Charlie Chaplin steals his girlfriend.  After 
encouragement he decides that to move on he needs to write the Holden 
Caulfield novel.  So he writes a story about a boy at Christmas time.
It seemed like a TV movie, not sure if it was.