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Subject: Re: The real reason Democrats want open borders
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Subject: Re: The real reason Democrats want open borders
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On 3/7/2018 1:24 AM, Irish Ranger wrote:
> Now here is the truth about why Democrats implemented this dangerous irresponsible policy that
puts American citizens at risk, buries the state in debt and facilitates crime, drug smuggling and
human trafficking.  The answer is simple - to gain political power.

I think if you quit there, because you think you have the answer, you're 
cheating yourself out of chances to fix something you believe to be a 
big problem.

> With President Trump's victory, and the surging economy, Democrats have given up on winning back
the working blue collar and middle class voters.  Their current strategy is to flood the country
with illegal immigrants who will vote Democrat in exchange for unenforced immigration laws and more
government handouts.  And the more they promote being a "Sanctuary state" the more they encourage
illegal immigrants to flood into the U.S.
> Irish Mike

I'd like to see some numbers if you've got them. They don't have to be 
of the "flood" magnitude--even though you make that claim. Just numbers 
and your sources for them, about illegal immigration and where the 
so-called illegals are going.