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Subject: Re: The real reason Democrats want open borders
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On Wednesday, 7 March 2018 02:24:45 UTC-5, Irish Ranger  wrote:
> This is a link to the story about the Democrat Mayor of Oakland who publicly announced the pending
ICE raid which allowed more than 800 illegal immigrant felons to escape capture. 
> This group included illegals that have been charged with rape, robbery, murder, assault, child
> kidnapping and DUI's.  Why would any American political leader, in their right mind, help these
criminal felons escape and continue to prey on Americans? 
> This Democrat's idiotic response?  She claims she did it to "protect families"!  I'm serious -
read the article.  That really was her response! 
> Now here is the truth about why Democrats implemented this dangerous irresponsible policy that
puts American citizens at risk, buries the state in debt and facilitates crime, drug smuggling and
human trafficking.  The answer is simple - to gain political power. 
> With President Trump's victory, and the surging economy, Democrats have given up on winning back
the working blue collar and middle class voters.  Their current strategy is to flood the country
with illegal immigrants who will vote Democrat in exchange for unenforced immigration laws and more
government handouts.  And the more they promote being a "Sanctuary state" the more they encourage
illegal immigrants to flood into the U.S. 
> Irish Mike

Democrats are desperate to grab votes any way they can.  They know if they pander to the illegals
they'll get votes from legal members (if any) of their family.  They want the voting age changed to
16 because they know they can count on uninformed, stupid gullible teens who think that Democrats
will offer them everything for free so they don't have to expend any effort.