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Subject: Re: Oscar ratings crash - maybe the lowest of all time
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From: Obveeus <>
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Subject: Re: Oscar ratings crash - maybe the lowest of all time
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On 3/5/2018 11:26 PM, RichA wrote:
> On Monday, 5 March 2018 22:56:10 UTC-5, Obveeus  wrote:
>> On 3/5/2018 10:35 PM, bermuda999 wrote:
>>> On Monday, March 5, 2018 at 11:08:11 AM UTC-5, Irish Ranger 
>>> wrote:
>>>> "Jimmy Kimmel claimed he was keeping this year's Oscars 
>>>> positive, but the ratings were anything but.
>>>> The politically charged 2018 Academy Awards were down 15.6 
>>>> percent compared to the 2017 viewership with an 18.9 rating in 
>>>> Nielsen’s overnight numbers from 8-11 p.m. ET, according to 
>>>> TheWrap.
>>> The 2018 NASCAR Daytona 500 earned a 5.3 rating and 9.3 million 
>>> viewers on FOX, down 20% in ratings and 22% in viewership from 
>>> last year (6.6, 11.9M) and down 20% and 18% respectively from 
>>> 2016 (6.6, 11.4M). The 2018 NASCAR Daytona 500 audience was the 
>>> smallest in the history of the race
>> These two rating drops (Oscars and NASCAR) put in even greater 
>> perspective how amazing it is that the Super Bowl suffered a fairly
>> small ratings drop.
>> The ratings for regular broadcast TV shows are looking pretty
>> bleak as well with double digit ratings drops for most shows.
>>> "Like NASCAR ratings generally, Daytona 500 ratings have fallen 
>>> off dramatically from the 2000s. From 2001-08, the race had at 
>>> least a 10.0 rating and 17 million viewers in all-but-one year. 
>>> In the final year of that run — just ten years ago — it had a 
>>> 10.2 rating and 17.8 million."
>>> Is it all because the NASCAR viewers don't appreciate the liberal
>>> slant of NASCAR drivers, sponsors and fans?
>> Well, they did allow a black guy to drive for the first time since 
>> the 1960s.
>> ...but seriously, I think the retirement of big name drivers and 
>> the continued tortured changes to the point system are the main 
>> reasons that people are tuning out.
> That, and it's a race for pussies with severe restrictions on cars, 
> speed, nothing but new "safety rules" and in general, more boring 
> races as as whole.

Without rules/restrictions on the cars, you end up with a 
non-competitive sport (in terms of driving) because the aerodynamics of 
the car brand or the brand of tires or the brand of brakes determines 
the winner of the race.  F1 racing suffers from that problem as a 
particular engine builder or chassis builder will run away with the 
majority of the races in a given season with very little of it having to 
do with driver talent.  NASCAR had bouts of that kind of non-competitive 
racing years ago and intelligently worked to solve the problem. 
Meanwhile, if what you want is for the teams to have room to 
cheat...well, that still happens in NASCAR, as is evidenced by the team 
that has won 2 of the first three races this season.