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From: Alfred Molon <alfred_molon@yahoo.com>
Subject: RAW editing software with lens profiles
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From: Alfred Molon <alfred_molon@yahoo.com>
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Subject: RAW editing software with lens profiles
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I gave a try to the ON1 and ACDSee RAW converters, but they don't have 
the lens profile of the Olympus 12-100 lens (and in fact their lens 
profile database is totally outdated, despite being the 2018 versions). 
It also seems that these two RAW editing programs cannot read the lens 
profiles embedded in RAW images (I used the Olympus E-M1 II).

Besides Photoshop ACR which other RAW converters can read the lens 
profiles which are embedded in the RAW files?
Alfred Molon

Olympus E-series DSLRs and micro 4/3 forum at
http://myolympus.org/ photo sharing site