From: android <here@there.was>
Subject: Re: The police pulled me over
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From: android <here@there.was>
Subject: Re: The police pulled me over
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2017 18:06:59 +0200
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In article<>,
 Tony Cooper<> wrote:

> On Mon, 23 Oct 2017 02:24:19 -0500, judymartin72980@hot.mail wrote:
> >The police pulled me over. The cop said he wanted to see my drivers
> >license. I took his picture and told him I was going to send it to
> >facebook and have the FBI check to see if he is a real police officer.
> >Again, he asked for my drivers license. I told him that until I was sure
> >he was a real cop, I was not going to show him anything. I told him that
> >he was hasrassing me because I am blond. Thats when he got a call on his
> >radio and he said he had to go take care of something. After telling me
> >to slow down, he left.
> >
> >I'm home now, and I'm still waiting for facebook to tell me if he is a
> >real cop. But I'm still puzzled about something. What is a drivers
> >license, and where can I buy one?
> >
> Until the last paragraph, you had me.  
> It is not at all beyond belief that some young person today would
> consider that Facebook is the official source of information on just
> about everything.

The face recognition auto tagging feature of FB could give some 
reasonable clue on a persons occupation. Providing that hen has put it 
in hens profile! :-)) A proper request could of course convince FB to 
make a full database search. If a FB member tagged you by name, age and 
location then you could be identified with any photo good enough for 
tagging. You don't have to be a member yourself...
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