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From: Tony Cooper <tonycooper214@gmail.com>
Subject: Lightroom CC
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From: Tony Cooper <tonycooper214@gmail.com>
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Subject: Lightroom CC
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2017 12:20:23 -0400
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The following are observations and comments on the new Lightroom CC
and not at all criticisms.  Each of us who use Lightroom have our own
workflow that we've become used to and a requirement to change that
workflow is usually not viewed well.  And, each of us has different

I have no particular need for, or interest in, access to LR from more
than one work station.  But, I downloaded LR CC and gave it a run.

Some of the differences between LR CC and LR Classic baffle me.  I
don't understand why Adobe created these differences.  

When shooting a series of photographs taken on the same outing, I
always open the first one, set certain things (Clarity, Vibrance, Crop
Size, and Lens Correction) and then Synch all the shots in that
import.  I can over-ride a synched setting, but I seldom do so.

In LR CC, there is no Synch command*.  The user can copy the settings
from that first image and paste it to the rest in the series to
accomplish the same thing, but I don't understand why Adobe changed a
workflow step that works to a different workflow step.  

My workflow includes naming each shot in a date format: 2017-10-23-01.
LR Classic has a drop-down that displays the thumbnails by File Name.
LR CC does not have that option.  There are options (eg:  Capture
Date, Modified Date), but that does not allow putting the images in
sequence desired.  

LR Classic allows me to display thumbnails in Grid with certain
information.  Mine shows file name above each thumbnail.  I have to go
to the small "i" to show the file name for each photo.  The info is
there, but the user has to look over to the panel and the screen is
reduced by the panel.

LR CC removes certain settings from the Basic panel and puts them in a
different panel.  Clarity is in Effects, for example.  No problem
really, but the person who using LR CC has to figure where things are
now and adjust.  There doesn't seem to be a good reason for that type
of change.  

If the function is there in both versions, then it would seem sensible
to have the interface as close as possible to the same on both rather
than make the users figure out where what is.

For the person who has frequent need to access their images away from
their home work station, LR CC will be a very valuable addition to
Adobe's stable.  I understand this.

I do wonder if that person will upload all of their files to LR CC or
just the more current files.  That 20 Gb free (CC Photography
subscribers, not full CC users) is not going to accommodate a lot of
users for all of their images.  That means that they will not being
going over to LR CC entirely, but will be using both versions.  And,
adjusting each time.

As their current images start to exceed the 20 Gb size, they'll have
to start moving images back to their home storage.

Adobe may fine tune LR CC as they get user input, but the above are
some conditions that I feel deserve comment.  Not criticism, but

*Well, there is "Synch", but it synchs the image with the cloud
storage file.

Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida