From: android <here@there.was>
Subject: Re: Lightroom CC
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From: android <here@there.was>
Subject: Re: Lightroom CC
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2017 18:54:40 +0200
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In article <231020171242239586%nospam@nospam.invalid>,
 nospam<nospam@nospam.invalid> wrote:

> In article<>, Tony Cooper
><> wrote:
> > LR CC removes certain settings from the Basic panel and puts them in a
> > different panel.  Clarity is in Effects, for example.  No problem
> > really, but the person who using LR CC has to figure where things are
> > now and adjust.  There doesn't seem to be a good reason for that type
> > of change.  
> > 
> > If the function is there in both versions, then it would seem sensible
> > to have the interface as close as possible to the same on both rather
> > than make the users figure out where what is.
> the latest lightroom cc is a new app with different design goals, which
> means there *will* be differences from classic.
> classic is actually the update to lightroom 6 and previous cc, not the
> latest cc. 
> it's very unlikely that someone would be using both apps.

They will probably be targeted to different audiences altogether after 
the New LR CC has matured a bit...
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