From: Tony Cooper <>
Subject: Re: Lightroom CC
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From: Tony Cooper <>
Subject: Re: Lightroom CC
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2017 14:56:48 -0400
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On Mon, 23 Oct 2017 10:51:58 -0700, Savageduck
<savageduck1@{REMOVESPAM}> wrote:

>> > In article<>, Tony Cooper
>> ><>  wrote:
>> >
>> > > LR CC removes certain settings from the Basic panel and puts them in a
>> > > different panel. Clarity is in Effects, for example. No problem
>> > > really, but the person who using LR CC has to figure where things are
>> > > now and adjust. There doesn't seem to be a good reason for that type
>> > > of change.
>> > >
>> > > If the function is there in both versions, then it would seem sensible
>> > > to have the interface as close as possible to the same on both rather
>> > > than make the users figure out where what is.
>> >
>> They will probably be targeted to different audiences altogether after
>> the New LR CC has matured a bit...
>They are targeted to different audiences already.

Yes, they are targeted to different audiences, but that doesn't mean
that users of LR CC will still not be using LR Classic.

Consider the person with 30 Gbs of photos who chooses to upload 5 Gbs
of his photos to LR CC because these are the photos that he is most
likely to want available on LR CC, and he wants to leave free space
for new images.  

But, there may be occasion for him work with photos - anything from
editing to just exporting them - that were not uploaded to LR CC.  He
can either upload those photos to LR CC or work with them in Classic.
If it's a one-shot deal, rather than use his 20 Gb free space, he'll
work with them in Classic.

He can upgrade to the full CC membership and then have 100 Gb of
storage, but I'm thinking of the non-pro user who has a lot of images.
I could not upload all of my images with the 20 Gb restriction, and I
wouldn't upgrade when my external HDs and present system work just

The idea of "targeting" is to bring in new customers.  The potential
customer who felt that the current product doesn't suit their needs,
but the new targeted version does.  

The ideal, to me, is a new version that replicates, in most ways, the
current version so there is no significant difference to the user of
both.  I think Adobe could have accomplished this better.

Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida