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On Oct 23, 2017, Savageduck wrote
(in article<>):

> On Oct 23, 2017, Davoud wrote
> (in article <>):
> > Tony Cooper:
> > > The following are observations and comments on the new Lightroom CC
> > > and not at all criticisms. Each of us who use Lightroom have our own
> > > workflow that we've become used to and a requirement to change that
> > > workflow is usually not viewed well. And, each of us has different
> > > needs.
> >
> > I have been in a secret underground bunker for some time as a beta
> > tester for Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC. I thought of myself
> > as a representative of the advanced-amateur cohort. I bought Lightroom
> > when it first appeared and ran it alongside Aperture. I saw the
> > handwriting on the wall long before Apple discontinued Aperture and
> > transitioned to Lightroom for all of my asset management and
> > pre-processing well before Apple discontinued Aperture.
> I too have been a Lightroom user since day one, and I am a subscriber to the
> Adobe Photography Plan.
> Due to your role as a beta tester, I am hoping you can provide some insight
> as to a few of the new Lightroom CC quirks. I will ask a question or two as I
> work through your reply to Tony.
> >
> > Even so, I don't yet have a complete handle on how I will use the two
> > new apps together. I know how they work, learned some of Adobe's
> > thinking, even accepted the mistake Adobe made in naming the apps, but
> > I haven't settled on a personal workflow.
> That is my dilemma, and after looking at this interview, I suspect that Adobe
> never intended for Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom CC to work together.

I forgot to add this YT URL:

> >
> > Executive summary: Your points make sense, but readers should bear in
> > mind that Lightroom CC is four days old. It's version 1. I doubt that
> > anyone has mastered all of the ins and outs at this point. much less
> > settled on a workflow. Let's see what it looks like a year from now.
> I believe that there are going to be frequent updates to refine the mobile &
> Lightroom CC workspace. I also understand that for the most part it will run
> as a separate entity to the Photography Plan LR Classic CC/ Photoshop CC 2018
> workspace.
> >
> > > I have no particular need for, or interest in, access to LR from more
> > > than one work station. But, I downloaded LR CC and gave it a run.
> >
> > Why not give it a run! The new Lightroom CC is included in your
> > subscription. I have the need to run Lightroom and Photoshop from
> > multiple machines. I have a license for Adobe CC (all apps) on two
> > iMacs and a license for Adobe Photography Plan (Lightroom Classic CC,
> > Lightroom CC, and Photoshop) on two MacBook Pros.
> I am trying to be fair, and intend to give it a good workout, but I have my
> original LR C CC/PS CC + Mobile apps workflow as a very imbedded, and for me,
> reflexive process. Due to that there is much I am not comfortable with when
> working with new Lightroom CC, both as a desktop, and on my iPad Pro.
> >
> > For those who have a problem with the subscription scheme, tough luck.
> > Go elsewhere. Top-tier editing with Photoshop and now two versions of
> > Lightroom (three counting the mobile app) is an absolute bargain at
> > $9.99 per month, less for students and some others.
> >
> > > Some of the differences between LR CC and LR Classic baffle me. I
> > > don't understand why Adobe created these differences.
> >
> > The important thing for people to understand is that Lightroom Classic
> > CC is the *same* Lightroom that they have known and loved, but with a
> > new and possibly confusing name and with improved performance and added
> > features. Nothing changes in file handling, including the ability to
> > send selected photos to the cloud for viewing and editing on your iPad.
> That much I get.
> >
> > Adobe took a lot of guff from beta testers in the Prerelease Forum on
> > product naming. In a nutshell, they gave the old app a new
> > name‹Lightroom CC renamed to Lightroom Classic CC‹and they gave the new
> > app the old name‹Lightroom CC. That has a lot of folks baffled and up
> > in arms from the start. Beta testers were in communication with
> > techies, not marketing wonks, and the techies insisted that the names
> > were locked in and not subject to discussion. So be it. I'd have named
> > the new app "Lightroom Mobile CC."
> >
> > The official forums are at
> > <>. At that URL the
> > Lightroom forum splits: "All-new Lightroom CC" and "Lightroom Classic
> > CC." Adobe forums are worth joining, IMO. One thing you will find is
> > knee-jerk reaction. People were declaring within *an* *hour* of release
> > of the two new apps that Adobe would be out of business soon, Adobe had
> > abandoned them, they were abandoning Adobe, you-name-it. It could be
> > the naming issue, but some seemed not to realize that Lightroom Classic
> > CC is just a new version of Lightroom and the new app, Lightroom CC,
> > can be ignored by those who don't want their photos in the cloud for
> > one reason for another, or, as I call them, "those who don't get that
> > the mobility offered by the cloud is the wave of the future." All
> > Lightroom CC photos are in the cloud; that's not optional. There is an
> > option to keep them on a local drive as well. At the moment I'm feeding
> > Lightroom CC (and thus, the cloud) selected photos from Lightroom
> > Classic CC, so there is no issue for me; Lightroom Classic CC leaves
> > your photos where you put them; cloud sync in Classic CC is optional,
> > as it has been for some time. Remove the photos from the cloud, stop
> > using Lightroom CC, and the photos remain in place in Lightroom Classic
> > CC.
> >
> > There is no substitute for Photoshop, Linux GIMP fans notwithstanding
> > (if they needed pro-level photo management and editing they wouldn't be
> > on Linux!). There are a number of apps similar to Lightroom, but those
> > of us who do not own $50k PhaseOne cameras are more likely to stick
> > with the well oiled Lightroom-Photoshop machine than to switch to
> > Capture One Pro, e.g., a subscription to which costs up to twice as
> > much per month as the Adobe Photography plan. (Though I have been
> > tempted to get a three-month plan for Capture One Pro @ $30 per month,
> > just to see what the fuss is about.)
> >
> > I don't do knee-jerk. I'm not concerned that I haven't yet decided on a
> > workflow for the two apps; there is no deadline, and with winter coming
> > I'll have plenty of time on my hands. One thing I've had fun with in
> > Lightroom CC is its ability to quickly create web albums, either flat
> > or as web pages with a bit of formatting. Here's one such page from my
> > MacBook Pro license
> > <
> > and another from my iMac library
> > <
> > Quick and dirty, great for showing clients, family and friends.
> >
> > Lightroom CC on an iPad Pro is neat-o. Seems to have virtually all of
> > the editing features of Lightroom CC on the desktop. As iPads become
> > more powerful, Lr for iOS will be awesome.
> Lightroom CC on my 10.5” 512GB iPad Pro is somewhat different to the older
> Lightroom Mobile, but I have figured out many of the editing features
> including getting the selective editing to work to my expectations.
> I have several issues with regard to the LR CC storage which you might be
> able to resolve for me.
> As a subscriber, and user of the Classic Adobe CC Cloud storage I am familiar
> with having access to the Web interface, and the desktop Creative Cloud Files
> folder. Now that I am testing Lightroom CC, and have imported several RAW
> image files I can find no way to manage those files in the way that was
> possible before. No web access, and no Lightroom CC files folder. The test
> RAW files are not shown in my CC File storage.
> Are there equivalent Lightroom CC Cloud file folders, or web access to manage
> that storage.
> Not all of the Lightroom CC users are going to have a laptop to use when
> travelling, or even access to a desktop, just mobile devices.
> My old Mac laptops, a 17” G4, and a 17” MBP are beyond supporting current
> Adobe products,I don’t have plans to buy a new laptop, a new desktop Mac,
> yes, new lenses, yes, but not a new MBP. So my travel computing are my iPhone
> and my iPad Pro. Unfortunately neither one of those will permit direct import
> of RAW files when using the Apple Camera Kit, or WiFi from my cameras. I can
> import JPEGs to the camera roll, and those are still auto imported to LR CC
> (mobile) and synced with my desktop, now LR Classic CC (would that be LR-C
> CC?) all without issue.
> I can only import RAW files into new desktop/laptop LR CC with corresponding
> Smart Previews showing in my iPad for editing. So when on a road trip I have
> no way to move RAW files to the Lightroom CC cloud storage, and I am left
> with doing things the way I always have. That throws a wrench into the
> concept of storing all originals in the Lightroom CC Cloud.
> I can see that I am probably going to have to use my ColorSpace UDMA for RAW
> backup on-the-road, and the old mobile system for on-the-road editing and
> sharing. That leaves RAW import into LR-C CC as something to do when I get
> home.
> >
> >
> > Yes, the Photography Plan includes only 20GB of cloud space and the
> > full plan includes 100GB. That's not a lot for people whose libraries
> > run to terabytes. Even me, an amateur with a terabyte library.
> > Additional space may be rented with the plan, up to 10GB, I believe it
> > is. The full plan with the stock 100GB is $50 per month. With 2 TB it's
> > $70 per month and with 10TB it's $150. The Photography Plan is $30 for
> > 2TB, $110 for 10TB.
> Does that 2TB for $30 include the cost of the basic Photography Plan?
> I am more inclined to rent additional original plan storage.
> >
> > No, the Lightroom apps cannot sync to cloud services other than
> > Adobe's. Users are free to back-up manually to any service they want,
> > however.
> >
> > My advice: play with Lightroom CC, learn if it fits into your workflow.
> > Don't give up on it after the first hour. If it's not for you, you
> > haven't lost anything. Watch and see what it becomes in future. There's
> > always the possibility that it will become nothing at all, if users are
> > not ready for the cloud!
> That is exactly what I am doing, and I intend to continue testing it.
> However, for now I just cannot see myself clear to fully adopt, or even
> integrate Lightroom CC into my workflow.
> ...but I am not going to throw it out just yet.