From: Noons <>
Subject: Re: The police pulled me over
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From: Noons <>
Subject: Re: The police pulled me over
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2017 18:06:54 +1100
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On 23/10/2017 6:24 @wiz, judymartin72980@hot.mail wrote:
> The police pulled me over. The cop said he wanted to see my drivers
> license. I took his picture and told him I was going to send it to
> facebook and have the FBI check to see if he is a real police officer.
> Again, he asked for my drivers license. I told him that until I was sure
> he was a real cop, I was not going to show him anything. I told him that
> he was hasrassing me because I am blond. Thats when he got a call on his
> radio and he said he had to go take care of something. After telling me
> to slow down, he left.
> I'm home now, and I'm still waiting for facebook to tell me if he is a
> real cop. But I'm still puzzled about something. What is a drivers
> license, and where can I buy one?
> Judy

Awesome!  Thanks for the good laugh!  :D
Reminded me of a lady on the bus I return home in, last Friday.
She was talking in a loud voice to a youn fella about how we were 
definitely in the end-of-days, with all that "Trump and Korea stuff".
And how the Revelations book of every Bible(!???) aleerted to it.
And (while pulling up her smart(?)phone) how she had googled it all and 
found it was true and about to happen!
When I got to my stop, I and two other guys near her got up and left, 
very very fast!  :D
But not without first thanking her for the great entertainment!