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> Due to your role as a beta tester, I am hoping you can provide some insight 
> as to a few of the new Lightroom CC quirks. I will ask a question or two as I 
> work through your reply to Tony.

> > Even so, I don't yet have a complete handle on how I will use the two
> > new apps together. I know how they work, learned some of Adobe's
> > thinking, even accepted the mistake Adobe made in naming the apps, but
> > I haven't settled on a personal workflow.
> That is my dilemma, and after looking at this interview, I suspect that Adobe 
> never intended for Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom CC to work together,

That video was the first I heard that they weren't meant to be used together. Anything in Classic
can be synced to CC and appear in the cloud. Everything in CC appears in Classic. The two
applications can run simultaneously on your Mac. But they're not meant to be used together. Go

> I am trying to be fair, and intend to give it a good workout, but I have my 
> original LR C CC/PS CC + Mobile apps workflow as a very imbedded, and for me, 
> reflexive process. Due to that there is much I am not comfortable with when 
> working with new Lightroom CC, both as a desktop, and on my iPad Pro.

It's hard to argue against non-life-threatening personal preferences.

> Lightroom CC on my 10.5” 512GB iPad Pro is somewhat different to the older 
> Lightroom Mobile, but I have figured out many of the editing features 
> including getting the selective editing to work to my expectations.

> I have several issues with regard to the LR CC storage which you might be 
> able to resolve for me.

> As a subscriber, and user of the Classic Adobe CC Cloud storage I am familiar 
> with having access to the Web interface, and the desktop Creative Cloud Files 
> folder. Now that I am testing Lightroom CC, and have imported several RAW 
> image files I can find no way to manage those files in the way that was 
> possible before. No web access, and no Lightroom CC files folder. The test 
> RAW files are not shown in my CC File storage.

> Are there equivalent Lightroom CC Cloud file folders, or web access to manage 
> that storage.

Not understanding that. Firstly, there is only one cloud; whether the photos got there by manually
syncing Lightroom Classic or automatically from Lightroom CC or the mobile app, they're available in
all three apps. You can edit and delete photos from the cloud using CC or the mobile app. For your
protection, however, photos deleted from the cloud will not be deleted from the Classic app; they
remain on your HD.

> Not all of the Lightroom CC users are going to have a laptop to use when 
> travelling, or even access to a desktop, just mobile devices.

And that's where CC for mobile comes in.

> My old Mac laptops, a 17” G4, and a 17” MBP are beyond supporting current 
> Adobe products,I don’t have plans to buy a new laptop, a new desktop Mac, 
> yes, new lenses, yes, but not a new MBP. So my travel computing are my iPhone 
> and my iPad Pro. Unfortunately neither one of those will permit direct import 
> of RAW files when using the Apple Camera Kit, or WiFi from my cameras. I can 
> import JPEGs to the camera roll, and those are still auto imported to LR CC 
> (mobile) and synced with my desktop, now LR Classic CC (would that be LR-C 
> CC?) all without issue.

I have a 17" MBP from April 2012 that can run the new Adobe CC apps well enough!

> I can only import RAW files into new desktop/laptop LR CC with corresponding 
> Smart Previews showing in my iPad for editing. So when on a road trip I have 
> no way to move RAW files to the Lightroom CC cloud storage, and I am left 
> with doing things the way I always have. That throws a wrench into the 
> concept of storing all originals in the Lightroom CC Cloud.

I'm not sure I get that. I just did all of the following to reconfirm: put an SD card into the iPad
Pro adapter, imported a Canon raw photo to Camera Roll (no direct import to Lr that I can discern,
unfortunately), imported the photo into Lightroom CC for iOS. Raw is preserved. Moments later the
raw photo was in Lightroom Classic CC and in Lightroom CC on my iMac, still in raw format. Editing
the raw in Lightroom Classic CC or in Lightroom CC on the Mac or iPad writes the changes to the
cloud in text format. The changes stay with the raw file and are applied in Lightroom Classic as
well. The changes are non-destructive, however; to make them real, open the file in Photoshop and
save as a tiff or what-have-you.

> I can see that I am probably going to have to use my ColorSpace UDMA for RAW 
> backup on-the-road, and the old mobile system for on-the-road editing and 
> sharing. That leaves RAW import into LR-C CC as something to do when I get 
> home.

Again, if you have sufficient bandwidth you can have those raws waiting for you in Lightroom Classic
CC when you get home.

> > Yes, the Photography Plan includes only 20GB of cloud space and the
> > full plan includes 100GB. That's not a lot for people whose libraries
> > run to terabytes. Even me, an amateur with a terabyte library.
> > Additional space may be rented with the plan, up to 10GB, I believe it
> > is. The full plan with the stock 100GB is $50 per month. With 2 TB it's
> > $70 per month and with 10TB it's $150. The Photography Plan is $30 for
> > 2TB, $110 for 10TB.
> Does that 2TB for $30 include the cost of the basic Photography Plan?

Yes, the whole shebang, apps and cloud space. To see for yourself, log in to your account at, select Manage account, select Manage plan, then select Switch plan. Then you will see the
options. The Photography Plan is the first item on the menu, or use the arrows to see the options
for other subscription type. Under the prospective plan select the amount of storage you want in
order to see pricing for various amounts of storage, from one to 10 TB.

> I am more inclined to rent additional original plan storage.

If you're going to do that, i.e., if you are going to put more into the cloud via Lightroom Classic
CC, you *might* want to give further consideration to how you could use Lightroom CC to optimize
your use of the images in the cloud.

> > My advice: play with Lightroom CC, learn if it fits into your workflow.
> > Don't give up on it after the first hour. If it's not for you, you
> > haven't lost anything. Watch and see what it becomes in future. There's
> > always the possibility that it will become nothing at all, if users are
> > not ready for the cloud!

> That is exactly what I am doing, and I intend to continue testing it. 
> However, for now I just cannot see myself clear to fully adopt, or even 
> integrate Lightroom CC into my workflow.
> ...but I am not going to throw it out just yet.

It might sound like I'm talking up, or shilling for, Lightroom CC. The reality is that I do not know
if it will be useful for me or not. At this instant in time it is a solution seeking a problem.
Tomorrow it could be essential to me.